Sunday, September 26, 2010

In My Mailbox: Fake Boyfriends, Road Trips, and Sisters

I'm finally finally finally participating in IMM. This might become a weekly thing or I might decide I don't like it but WE'LL SEE. I do love talking about the books I have to look forward to though.

Bought: I found both of these at the cute little Friends-of-the-Library used bookstore I go to. They're both mainstream (ie. "adult") novels and I actually went in looking for something - anything - by Jennifer Weiner, but since I couldn't find anything I grabbed these. The first I bought because I've read another of Nick Hornby's books and absolutely loved it, and the second because I have a soft spot for stories about sisters. I'm in the middle of reading it though, and it's not quite what I was expecting/hoping for.

Bookswap/Bookmooch: Geek Charming is something I've been eyeing with interest for a while and I'm a big Daniel Ehrenhaft fan. What I really want to read is his new one, Friend is Not A Verb, but this one also looks super-good. (Uhm, they all look super-good and if you haven't read Tell It to Naomi then you really should.)


Won: From Free Book Friday Teens, this looks like an incredibly awesome and cute middle grade. Plus, LOOKIT THAT COVER, YOU GUYS!!


  1. Cute cute books you have there. Hope you have fun reading this and enjoy your week!

    Come See What's In My Mailbox

  2. Love the cover for Geek Charming. I might have to check that one out. I'm a new follower. Check out my mailbox.

    - Kate

  3. My Fake Boyfriend looks SO CUTE. Hope it is good.