Wednesday, September 29, 2010


1. Head over and read my YA Lit Six post for today. I don't usually link to them (usually, honestly, I forget), but this week I need your splendified advice.

2. I've changed the blogs on my blogroll. I realized that the blogs that were on there weren't exactly the ones I read routinely, so I've made it UPDATED and FANCY-LIKE with the new blogs. Check them out, because they're awesome.

3. I like new Twitter. I feel like the only one, but I think it's really shiny and spiffy.

4. This video. You'll probably learn stuff. And stop embarrassing yourself. (As a side note, I really do hate it when people say they "could care less." It's a pet peeve. It's like when people answer "do you mind?" with "yes" when they mean "no.")

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