Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Worst Kind of Book

I just finished the worst kind of book. And I feel sort of strange about saying that because not only was the book good, but it was also beautiful. There were these moments of searing, lightning-bolt insight and lots of quotes I need to copy down into my quote-book.


But it wasn't great. I didn't love the characters, often I didn't even like them, and I didn't entirely enjoy the story. But it also wasn't the sort of book that I didn't like enough to stop reading it. I kept going, even though it wasn't enjoyable, and there came times when I just wanted to hurry the heck up and be done with it.

I read the whole thing. 326 pages, two days, and there are a grand total of six (6!) quotes I absolutely adored, must write down. But there were so many other words in the book, words that bogged me down, that almost felt like a chore to read.

I was stuck with the worst sort of meh book -- one that's not bad enough to put down, but not good enough to be enjoyable.

So that's my worst kind of book: what's yours?

*Note: The book wasn't YA or MG, so it won't be reviewed here. Sorry.


  1. That has happened to me with a certain vampire series ...

  2. ohh, when I was reading your post, I kept thinking "I bet it's MOCKINGJAY!!!" but then apparently it's not MG/YA. Hmm. But yes, that's happened to me before A LOT.