Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Visual Inspiration - WIP, Piper

I absolutely love Steph Bowe's Visual Inspiration meme. All of her pictures are so beautiful and this week I decided to join in. The honest "inspiration" I use is always music and very very rarely visual, but I do tend to save a lot of lovely images on both tumblr and weheartit and this week I'm bringing together a few that are representative of my WIP. For those who don't know, my current WIP is a story of two sisters and right now I'm working on the older sister (Piper's) story, so all of these images remind me of her and her story. The images are from tumblr and weheartit, so I have no idea where they originally came from but if anybody knows, feel free to let me know so I can add real credits. In any case, I definitely didn't take them.

Alright, so the sisters in my story (a) are definitely blondes and (b) definitely don't live by the ocean. But the feeling of this picture fits so perfectly.

Honestly I find it incredibly difficult to find pictures that give an idea of my stories (all of them, but this one especially). Many of the pictures I find on tumblr and weheartit are beautiful, no doubt, but they also have a very vintage/hipster/punk vibe which is so not anything like my stories. But I've wanted to take a cue from Steph and do a "visual inspiration" post for ages now. Hopefully soon I'll do an "audio inspiration" post so you can see (hear) some of my real inspiration.

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  1. Neato, I love this idea and these images. I'm gonna do it too for the things I'm writing at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration :)