Friday, May 27, 2011


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I've been missing more blog days than I like to lately, but there are reasons for this! Very good, very reasonable reasons! Number one, this past week was finals and I was very busy studying and working on projects and basically being such a tired, worn-out mess that the guy at Staples actually told me that I looked tired and worn-out. You know it's bad when strangers are telling you this. However, since finals have ended I have slept! Which was wonderful!

But also I'm graduating with my Associate's Degree this semester (woo! go me!) and I keep insisting that it's really not a big deal because I'm not done with college or anything (though I am incredibly tired of it and taking a break before I get my BA and teaching certificate), but I've been thinking about it more and honestly honestly honestly I'm kind of proud of myself. I realize that a lot of people my age are close to getting their BAs and some are off to grad school etc etc etc, but I am not them and it has been hard work getting my degree. There have been many freak outs and panicking and angsting over the fact that my grades are never as good as I want them to be and school makes me feel really really stupid and I often don't like it and and and... it's just been a long time. And a lot of really hard work. And I'm super proud and kind of relieved that it's over and omg you guys I actually did it. Personally, I'm amazed.

 So now my grandparents are coming up for a visit and to go to my graduation (win!) so I'm going to be spending a lot of time with them this next week and I'm going to try to schedule a few blog posts, but I'm definitely going to be a bit scarce around these parts.

Oh, and I'm also writing/querying/writing/editing, which is taking time and brainpower and emotions and everything else.


  1. Congrats on getting your Associate's Degree! You should be proud. Don't worry about comparing yourself to other people--everyone moves at their own pace.

    I'm also intrigued to hear that you are querying. I hope it goes well!

  2. Liz
    Thanks! I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to everyone who's further along or doing better (at anything) than I am.
    Also, I've actually been querying for quite some time now. It's very exciting and boring and thrilling and crazy and slow-moving all at the same time. haha.

  3. Congrats on finishing this part of your studies! I hope you'll take a good break from it - don't compare yourself with others too much. Have they been writing novels at the same time as studying? Exactly! Everyone is different, Jordyn. Just be proud of what you did!

  4. Congrats on getting your AA. I did a couple of years at a community college before finishing my BA (and teaching license) at a liberal arts college, and it was by far the best post-secondary experience I've had (this is coming from someone who has attended four different colleges). Be proud of your accomplishments! Yay!

    Also, thinking good thoughts re: you and querying.

  5. Ah Congratulations!!!!!!!! You know I think when I started reading your blog you'd just graduated High School (can that be right?) I always remember it because you mentioned The Places You'll Go, which I'd never heard of and I went out and bought it :)

    Anyway it's an amazing achievement and I hope you'll celebrate - maybe with another book :)And good luck with the querying

  6. Congratulations, Jordyn! So proud of you!!!