Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Currently I'm...

I'm stealing this post from the wonderful Alexa over at Not Enough Bookshelves. I love these types of lists.

Current Book: The Sweetest Thing, by Christina Mandelski. It's being compared to Sarah Dessen's books and while this is a great great compliment, it also means I'm continually comparing it to her books. And, because nothing compares to Dessen, it keeps falling short. Putting a bestselling author's name on a book is not always a great idea.

Current Playlist: This song (Break Even, by The Script) came on the radio today and I'm sort of suddenly in love with it. It's just the perfect song for my WIP, especially the scenes I've been working on lately. It's inspiring me.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Uhhhh, I don't know. I don't have one? I was watching Ally McBeal for a while, but it got too annoying.

Current Color: Purple!

Current Drink: Black iced tea, of course, always.

Current Food: I just had a Heath candy bar, which is delicious.

Current Favorite Show: Right now? Parks and Recreation, which is definitely firing on all cylinders lately. But of course even more than that Friday Night Lights. It's kind of the highlight of my week.

Current Wishlist: Secret things. Also: a job. One I like. A good one.

Current Needs: To finish this draft of the WIP.

Current Bane of My Existance: The email boxy box. Also the clothes on my floor. Oh, and my car. And school. And what happens after school. Can we stop talking about this now?

Current Celebrity Girl-Crush: Leslie Knope. I MEAN I KNOW SHE'S FICTIONAL, BUT THAT'S OKAY.

Also, I promise promise promise that the book stuff is coming back tomorrow. But for now, what are your currentlies? Post in the comments or leave links. :)


  1. Ah I love this list, great answers. Good luck with the secret things and job things and the WIP.

  2. Current Book: I just finished The Knife of Never Letting Go and I'm torn on what to read next.

    Current Playlist: Nada -- I keep hitting random songs on my iPod and in iTunes. Everything from The City Harmonic to Kina Grannis to the Step Up 3D soundtrack.

    Current Color: Purple! -- always!

    Current Drink: Mango orange juice

    Current Food: Hubs brought me some jalapeño chips he tried while he was in NYC. Yummo.

    Current Favorite Show: Community.

    Current Wishlist: More time to do relaxing things, like blog and read.

    Current Needs: To get off the couch. But I don't wanna. This is the first time I've actually relaxed in a looong time.

    Current Bane of My Existence: Jillian Michaels. I hate that lady. Specifically when she's telling me to do things that HURT MY MUSCLES.