Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Asking YOU.

For starters: there is this snazzy little poll in the sidebar of my blog that I'd love for you guys to answer. I have a lot of writing-related thoughts bubbling up in my brain and I'm anxious to know if you guys want those THOUGHTS IN BLOG FORMAT FOR YOUR READING INFOTAINMENT.

Second: Beth Revis is having an amazingly epic contest of epic to celebrate her debut novel, Across the Universe.

Now, today I just have a quick question for you guys: what book(s) do you think haven't gotten the attention they deserve from readers/bloggers/reviewers/etc.? Oftentimes I feel like there's a sort of hive mindset to the blogging community and, for one reason or another, EVERYONE will be talking about the same book at the same time, heaping praise upon it and recommending it oh-so-highly while other deserving books sort of get forgotten. What do you guys think about this? (I would do a better/longer post on it and maybe soon I will, but right now I'd just like your reactions.)


  1. I've noticed that most books that don't come out in hardcover don't get a lot of attention. Maybe this is because publishers pick books to put out in hardcover based off of what they think will do better, but I still think that the books that go straight to paperback don't get enough attention.

  2. Cade Crowley
    I completely agree! I'm not sure why it is either, but I definitely hope that changes. There are some AHMAZING books that come out in paperback and honestly I prefer the format.

  3. Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly! Although I am seeing it on quite a few end of year lists which is good.
    Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony - full disclosure she is my friend, but it really is an excellent book.
    And I just discovered jaclyn Moriarty and I can not understand why she isn't everywhere - brilliant books
    Oh and A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowly which I think you would love :)