Thursday, December 23, 2010

FIVE: Series on My List

I'm not a big fan of series. Either I don't read them because I really honestly like stand-alones better, or I feel like if I buy the first I have to buy the others and I'd rather not make the commitment. I don't think I've read five different series this year, so instead of listing the five best I'm going to list five series I want to read/finish.

1. Matched
Ally Condie

2. Summer
Jenny Han

3. Delirium
Lauren Oliver

4. Confessions of Georgia Nicholson
Louise Rennison

5. Gallagher Girls
Ally Carter

Some of these are series I've already started reading but there are more books out than I've read, and others are ones I haven't even started yet but really really want to.


  1. I really enjoyed Delirium and The Summer I Turned Pretty, both great picks. I still need to read the other three mentioned. I found picking series a little more challenging :)

  2. My really quirky, ultra-critical roommate can't stop praising MATCHED. Good to see it's on your list! Can't wait to read it for myself :D

  3. Nic
    I haven't read books from all the series (yet) either, but I absolutely loved the first "Summer" book and can't wait until Delirium comes out so I can get my hands on a copy. :)

    OMG READ IT!!! It's soooo good. My review is coming up in... January. haha

  4. My obsession with the Summer series by Jenny Han is really unhealthy.

    I couldn't get into the Gallagher Girls series, but I'm really looking forward to reading Lauren Oliver's Delirium.

  5. hehe, minus a few exceptions i totally prefer stand-alones too :p i really liked Delirium, i hope you do too! I haven't read the others though :(

  6. *blushes* I haven't read any of these although Matched and Delirium are on my wishlist. I've also read Ally Carter's Heist Society and liked it, so I may have to give Gallagher Girls a try.

  7. Matched and Delirium are great choices. Nice list!

  8. I am definitely looking forward to the next book for Matched. I've been so worried about Ky. Where did they take him?