Saturday, December 25, 2010

FIVE: Most Anticipated 2011 Titles

1. Delirium
Lauren Oliver
I've just heard awesome things about this and the premise of it is wonderful. I haven't read a ton of dystopian novels, but a lot of them -- especially this one -- are really sounding great lately.

2. Where She Went
Gayle Forman
I'm not typically a big fan of sequels, but I absolutely adored If I Stay, and the whole idea of this book being from Adam's POV is amazing. Can. Not. Wait.

3. Invincible Summer
Hannah Moskowitz
Moskowitz's first novel was incredibly different from a lot of what I read, but I really loved it and I'm excited for this one. I'm such a fan of YA novels about family and Break handled the subject so well.

4. What Happened to Goodbye
Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen. Need I say more?

5. Imaginary Girls
Nova Ren Suma
In addition to having one of the best titles and most beautiful covers I've seen in... well, ever, probably, it's also a story about sisters which I love. I really liked Suma's middle grade novel and I'm really excited for her YA debut.


  1. Added a new one to my list. I had not head about Imaginary Girls. Great choices, Where she went has made everyones list! Here is our 5

  2. Thanks so much for the nod!

    I saw the cover for IMAGINARY GIRLS for the first time a few days ago and I immediately added it to my must list. So gorgeous. And WHERE SHE WENT has the same release date as INVINCIBLE SUMMER! So you can get them both in one trip ;)

  3. Great list! Delirium is amazing and the other four I am excited to read. I found this the hardest list to make so far in the challenge.

  4. Oh wow! The cover of Imaginary Girls is beautiful. Hadn't heard of that one before. I will add it to my (growing) list.