Monday, December 27, 2010

FIVE: Books I Didn't Read

Every year there are more books that come out and sound fantastic than I actually read and this year was no exception. There might have actually been more this year just because I paid more attention to the pub dates of books. So here are five books published in 2010 that I wanted to read this year but didn't. (Yes, hopefully in 2010 I'll read them all.) I'm limiting this list to books that (1) are YA and (2) I knew about for a long time. For some of them since before they even had covers or titles, but at least since before they were published.

1. Anna and the French Kiss
Stephanie Perkins
Quite honestly this book has been hyped so much and I'm not 100% sure I'd like it, but I want to read it anyway. Because it kind of does sound fantastic and I haven't heard of anyone not liking it (it would just figure for me to be that one-in-a-million) and not only did John Green totally fanboy over it, but he also said it was like him and Maureen Johnson had a baby book. And uh, I think we can all agree this would be the greatest thing ever. 

2. Friend is Not A Verb
Daniel Ehrenhaft
I'm a huge fan of books related to social networking and have absolutely loved a few of Ehrenhaft's other novels, so I was really hoping to read this one when it came out. However, of course by the time it was published I had all but forgotten about it and when I remembered it I couldn't find it in my BN, which is a sadface. Now it's the end of the year and I still haven't read it.

3. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
Morgan Matson
I love road trip books and this one has one of the best titles I've come across. I don't typically buy hardcover though, and this book is still not in paperback. (It hits me now that the cover to this book and the one above it are startlingly similar.)

4.  A Match Made in High School
Kristen Walker
I feel bad for this book. It was originally set to come out in 2009 and the pub date apparently got pushed back. I was so excited to read it last year but by the time 2010 rolled around and it was finally published there were other books I wanted to get to that suddenly seemed more interesting and this one got pushed aside. 

5. A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
Emily Horner
I absolutely love love love the premise of this book and have been wanting to read it for ages. I think I heard about it before it even had its final title. I haven't seen it in stores at all (le sad), but I still really really want to get my hands on a copy.

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  1. i feel the same way about Anna, I mean i'm definitely gonna read it soon (once my stupid bookstore gets it back in stock!) but it's just been hyped up SOOOO much... yea..
    and i dont buy hardcover either! well, much, unless there's a serious discount, but Amy and Roger looks epic! awesome list!