Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FIVE: Favorite Lines of 2010

The official FIVE for today is covers, but I was a little unsure of how to tackle that one so instead I'm going with something I absolutely love from books: great lines. Here are five favorite quotes from books I've read (or reread!) this year, in no particular order.

Envy, by Anna Godberson
She thought of Henry and Diana on the stoop, gazing at each other with the confusion and sadness of two puppies who have just stumbled into their first puddle and not yet come to understand what has happened to them.

Girls in Pants, by Ann Brashares
They were growing up. It was inevitable. But please, God, she couldn't do it if it was a trade-in. She couldn't strike the bargain if growing up meant drowning out the friendship that stood at the very center of her life, the thing that gave her strength and balance.

serafina67, by Susie Day
If I was a movie then that is what would happen. But things don't get cured and mended and tidied up like that. I am not cured and mended and tidied up either.

The Treasure Map of Boys, by E. Lockhart
I know they're not getting divorced or anything, but when your parents argue it makes the whole universe seem like it's tipping, like everything could change if they got mad enough at each other, like the world isn't a safe place.
And of course, that's true, isn't it? The world is not a safe place.

Envy, by Anna Godberson
[Diana] went to her window and looked at all the twinkling windows and above them all the faint stars. How many false impressions lived out there? she wondered. How many hearts broken through carelessness and failures of nerve?


  1. I love this, Jordyn! I did one of these for 2009 quotes...need to do one for this year!

  2. looove this post :) i like the Ann Brasheres one and the first one as well :) awesome!

  3. Great quotes. I must start writing down my favourite quotes again. I love the last one, it almost makes me want to try those books again :)

  4. Nic
    Me too.

    yes! definitely make a 2010 list. :)

    The Ann Brashares quote is definitely one of my favorites ever & very personal to me. I absolutely love it.

    The Luxe novels aren't for everyone, but there's definitely some really really beautiful writing in them. & yes, writing down quotes is one of my favorite things. :)