Sunday, November 21, 2010

In My Mailbox: (Almost) Every Genre

Bookswap: I read this book years ago, but after my mom read The Tipping Point (by the same incredible writer), she wanted to read this one, too. If you haven't read Malcolm Gladwell yet, for whatever reason, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? His author bio should just say: "This is Malcolm Gladwell and he's amazing. You betta recognize."

Bought: So many books! Of course I've read The Giver before, but I'd like to read it again and I didn't actually own a copy. This is the second copy I've bought of The History of Love, which is an absolutely amazing book and I got the second copy to send to my grandma. The last book here that I've read is A Northern Light, by Jennifer Donnelly. I don't typically read a lot of historical fiction, but this book is absolutely stunning.

Now, the ones I haven't read: Both Jodi Picoult novels. I did see the Lifetime movie based on The Pact, so I'm sort of spoiled for the book. But I'm really excited; Picoult's books are always very hit and miss with me, so I'm hoping these are good ones. And The Pecking Order is part of my journey to read more nonfiction - it looks like an interesting book and I'm hoping I like it. Sometimes I'm really disappointed by the nonfiction that I find.

Also, I know Jodi Picoult is not a YA author, but The Pact does seem like it could be a YA novel, so what would you guys think of me reviewing it on the blog?


  1. A lot of young adults read Jodi Picoult, so even if the book wasn't one focusing on teenagers, it would be acceptable to review on your blog. (Also, it's your blog, so you get to make the rules and change them to your every whim.)

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on Picoult, so I say go for it.

  2. Love Jennifer Donnelly. I'm reading her new book, REVOLUTION, right now and it's just as good as A NORTHERN LIGHT.

  3. The History of Love sounds like a perfect holiday read, so romantic. Nice mailbox you've got, enjoy it:)
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  4. Whoa, crazy, you got a ton of awesome books this week. Any IMM that includes The Giver is a good IMM! Haha.

    I'm very curious about A Northern Light - I recently tried winning this book but didn't get a chance to snag it. Ah well. Happy readings this week! <3