Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Embarrassing Movie & TV-Related Facts About Me

  1. Kicking and Screaming, the Will Ferrell movie about a dad who coaches his son's horrible soccer team, is one of my all-time favorite movies. I sincerely and absolutely love it. It's the rare movie that I can not only watch all the way through, but also watch over and over again.
  2. At one time I found the WORLD'S WORST REALITY SHOW on Hulu. It was called America's Most Smartest Model. I watched way way way more episodes than I'd like to admit, only stopped because one of the judges was so incredibly horrible, and legit loved that show. It was beyond hilarious.
  3. I love infomercials more than any sane human being should. The world's best infomercial was the one for the Magic Bullet (do they still air that one anymore?) and, after many years of saying omg I want thattt!! my mom actually bought me the Magic Bullet. And guess what? IT ROCKS.
  4. Last week I went to the grocery store at about 10:30 at night and bought a box of Hot Pockets, three frozen pot pies, and a soda. I have never felt more like Liz Lemon. (And, trust me, I almost always feel like Liz Lemon.)
  5. I love fanvids. (Def. A music video made by a fan of a television show or movie, using a song and video clips from the show/movie.) Seriously seriously seriously love them. I have tons favorited on YouTube.
  6. The episode of Gilmore Girls when Rory slept with Dean made me hate her and it took a couple of entire seasons for me to love her character again.
  7. I've had the theme song to Elmo's World stuck in my head for years. For a while it was so bad that I'd take notes in class, go over the notes later, and find that I'd written la la la la elmo's world over and over in the margins. I would, of course, have absolutely no recollection of doing this. (And I don't live with kids, so I don't know how I always have that song stuck in my head. Obviously I'm just a kid at heart.)
  8. I hate (hate hate double hate) the movie Clueless.
  9. I watched half an hour of the Wizard of Waverly Place Movie and even though I knew those two characters (I don't know their naaaames) were brother and sister, I still expected them to kiss. Because Disney Channel doesn't understand sibling relationships or something they have serious issues. (But honestly, did anyone else watch this movie? Was the campfire scene seriously messed up or what?)
  10. I tend to remember movies and television shows that nobody else seems to have heard of. Do any of these ring a bell to you: Flash Forward (the old Disney Channel show) So Weird! (another Disney Channel show), some show about a girl who sits in her window and talks to the moon at night, Superfire (a made-for-tv movie)? Anyone? Bueller... Bueller?


  1. Flash Forward sounds familiar. I think I really liked that one. I know I liked So Weird!

  2. 6. I hated Rory for that whole Dean thing, too, but what I liked about it was that she finally screwed up, and she like, couldn't deal with the fact that she had. For me, that was sort of the turning point in Rory, and my relationship to her changed. As the seasons progressed, I felt like she got more and more privileged and didn't seem aware of it. Also, I hated, hated, HATED her relationship with Logan. (I have a lot of thoughts about this. I'm sorry.)

    10. My sister and I used to watch Flash Forward. It starred Jewel Staite (Kaylee from Firefly. I think you're a Whedon fan, so you probably already knew this) and Ben Foster.

    *I enjoyed this post a great deal.

  3. OMG I WATCHED SOME OF AMERICA'S MOST SMARTEST MODEL TOO! It's no wonder I am your clone. That show was so terrible and yet so hilario.



  4. Hey Jordyn. I just want to say thank you to you. I read you post on Stereotypes and it really got me thinking. I started thinking about how I want my writing to be original. So today while I was in class I came up with this amazing idea which I am in love with right now. The plot of the story wouldn't be possible without you rolling the ball for originality. So thanks.

  5. Clementine Bojangles - I also have LOTS OF GILMORE GIRLS thoughts. I'll try to sum them up: Dean started out awesome and turned out awful, Logan started awful and turned out awesome, and ultimately Rory should have ended up with Dean. & I do agree with you saying that she became more priveliged as the series went on, but I don't think that was necessarily a bad thing - just something that happens if you go to a private school and then Yale and come from a super wealthy family. It did change the show though.

    And YES when I started watching Firefly and Jewel Staite was on it I was like YAY HOORAY SO EXCITED!!

    Also, yay! Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

    Khy OMG THAT SHOW. So terrific. So great and yet SO HORRIBLE. I nearly died laughing. & the Magic Bullet is awesome but not quite AS AWESOME as they'd have you believe. I love it though.

    Jewels OMG I'M SO GLAD!!! That makes me happy. Feel free to email me whenever if you want to talk about writing stuff... I love discussing books/writing (obvs).

  6. It is posts like these, among the blog reviews, that make me love your blog. It is so much fun, And I like the background! I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award. Please visit my blog at to see how to receive the award.

    If you don't participate in these types of chain posts, I understand, but I wanted you to know that I really like your blog!

  7. Actin' Up With Books AWW, THANKS!! I'll definitely be posting this award & passing it along. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. :)


    #2. Never saw

    #3. Good to know because I covet one! I love informercials. Especially the ones that ask questions. "Can't put your shoes on!? "Try..." because you know they are always stupid or weird questions AND they will always have an answer! "And now there's.."
    ROFL forever. A shoehorn! On a stick!

    #4. Too legit.

    #7. Talks to the moon at night? Is it maybe WISH UPON A STAR, the Disney Channel made for tv movie?

    And yes, I do have this affliction too.

  9. Bri Meets Books
    I'm sitting here laughing like a crazy person at the Kicking & Screaming quote. I love that scene. Also I love the YOU'RE BOTH BETTER BUT DIFFERENT IN A DIFFERENT BUT BETTER WAY part. I say that all the time and people look at me like I'm crazy.

    & no, it was definitely a TV show not a movie. GAH.

  10. So Weird! I totally remember that show. Completely freaked me out.