Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top 10: Favorite Love Stories

ALRIGHT SO. Favorite love stories is a little different for me than favorite couples and there are a few GIANT GAPING HOLES in this list because of leaving out a few of my favorite couples whose love stories just weren't as amazing as the characters on this list. I also left out an actual historical pairing to keep everything fiction. Also I feel incredibly uncultured for having almost no classic couples on this list, but I guess I'll just have to live with that. (Oh, and this list, unlike some of the others, is actually in order. Amazing.)

1. Victor/Anthony & Sierra/Priya
Dollhouse (tv)
Best love story ever? I THINK SO. Because it's Dollhouse and therefore incredibly confusing, I have no idea how to sum up Victor & Sierra's relationship. But the basic premise of this show is that there are people who've had their personalities and minds wiped and replaced with other personalities... these "dolls" have no memories and no personality of their own, yet Victor and Sierra somehow find each other no matter what personality they're imprinted with, as well as in their simplistic doll state. SEE, I WARNED YOU IT WAS CONFUSING. 

2. Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly
The Office (tv)
This is maybe the sweetest television love story ever, from the very first episode when Jim talked about Pam's favorite flavor of yogurt. They're just too adorable and nice and sweet and sometimes awkward. I love them. I also love this video.

3. Calliope & Eliot
Scrambled Eggs at Midnight (book)
This book blows me away every time I read it. Though only fifteen years old, Cal and Eliot's love story is one of the truest and most believable I've come across. 

4. Landry Clark & Tyra Collette
Friday Night Lights (tv)
Friday Night Light's least popular and most hated storyline (ahem, that whole murder thing in the second season) is one of my absolute favorites and out of it came Landry and Tyra, the best couple on the show. They deserve to be on this list despite not being together anymore because (a) I love them and their story too much to leave them out, and (b) there's one season left; it's not impossible for them to end up together. These are two characters that really do bring out the best in each other and prompt the other one to be a better person.

5. Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe
Anne of Green Gables (book)
I'm a little ashamed to say that I don't remember which book it was that these two finally got together, but if it wasn't the first book it was at least somewhere in there. Anne is one of the best protagonists (in my opinion) and the entire history between her and Gilbert Blythe is so cute and wonderful, not to mention their story and life together after becoming a couple.

6. Elpheba & Fiyero
Wicked (musical)
As much as I tried I couldn't get through the novel, but I absolutely love the musical version of Wicked, especially Elpheba and Fiyero's love story. It's such an interesting take on The Wizard of Oz story and I love how the different characters (in this case the scarecrow and the wicked witch) connect in Wicked. Plus, I just really really love Elpheba and Fiyero, end of story.

7. George Bailey & Mary Thatch
It's A Wonderful Life (film)
Really, It's A Wonderful Life needs no explanation. Brilliant.

8. Bryce & Julianna
Flipped (book)
This is the cutest jr. high love story ever. Ever ever ever. Not only is it adorable, but there's tons of character growth and expectations vs. reality and just so much awesome I'm surprised more people haven't read it. Go. Now. Read.

9. Sara & Tobey
When It Happens (book)
Colasanti's debut novel is one of the best love stories I've read. It's one of the few "opposites attract" stories that I actually really love.

10. Kaitlin Malone & Bram Crutchfield
Scribbler of Dreams (book)
I've never been a big Romeo & Juliet fan, but there are a couple of retellings I absolutely adore and this is one of them. Kaitlin meets the kindhearted Bram when she's forced to move to a new school, only to discover he's part of the Crutchfield family that her family, the Malones, have been feuding with for ages. The "families feuding" angle is done so well here.


  1. Hey! I was wondering if you'd be okay if I did a Top 10 list for my blog too. I know it's a weird thing to ask, but I really don't like coping another blogs ideas without them saying okay. BTW love the list :)