Monday, November 1, 2010



Welcome, for those of you participating this year, to National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo. I attempted this last year and did horrendously, so this year I'm sitting it out and working on my novel at the NORMAL PACE OF A SNAIL. But I'm an eager cheerleader and very excited about this month and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

I believe that you can write 50,000 words in 30 days.

Also? I want to know what you're working on! You know... if you feel like telling me. Personally, I'm reworking/rewriting/starting from scratch with the novel and idea I used during last year's NaNoWriMo. You know what this means? It means my protagonist's nickname is "Stalker" and that she's SUPACRAZY. So what are you writing? Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

Meanwhile, you deserve some WORDS from Tim Gunn. (Who, as we all know, is super awesome.)


  1. Haha, YOU CAN DO IT! I failed NaNo last year, only time out of all four years I've done it that I lost (but it was also the only year I managed to write a full draft. Woo! 42k books!).

    I'm doing it this year -- madly trying to figure out what I'm working on. Switching between an epic fantasy (I really shouldn't, I'm a contemporary writer, but it's so tempting, haha) about the Pied Piper and a contemporary about an eighteen-year-old who is desperate to be fourteen again, and her summer working at her parent's Book Cafe (coffee and books!).

    And your protag's nickname is "Stalker"?! Haha, that's kind of epic :D

    I'll be getting a late start, though. Have to finish exams tomorrow, then finish revisions on another project, 'cos I've been promising myself I'll get revisions to my agent this week ;)

  2. YAY Tim Gunn!
    How's the writing going? I really want to read more!

  3. that's the most beautiful video I have ever seen.


  4. I am doing it, but I literally just started yesterday, so I'm not sure if I'll make it through :( Hopefully, I will, but if not I'm happy to have started!