Friday, May 11, 2012

Fangirl Friday: Disenchantments Pandora Station

So me and Bri, from Bri Meets Books, have decided each week to do a post on a book, character, or some other element of a book, that we especially love. We'll be sharing a variety of things that remind us of that book/character (you can probably expect a lot of music-inspired posts on my end).

For my first Fangirl Friday, I'm sharing the Pandora station I made that was inspired by Nina LaCour's The Disenchantments. In the book, each of the characters has a favorite girl band (and I love that one of those bands is The Supremes) and I used all four bands for my Pandora station. (The Runaways, The Supremes, Heart, and Sleater Kinney, who I admit I'd never heard of before reading The Disenchantments). I wanted to create an actual girl band playlist inspired by this book, but as it turns out I have almost none girl band music so for now the Pandora station will have to do.

The Disenchantments Pandora playlist.


  1. It's looks like an awesome idea. I do really want to read the book, plus the cover looks so much fun