Saturday, May 19, 2012

All The Book: May 19, 2012

This week I read Unwind, which was a total trip. It's a book I've been hearing about for a while but hadn't really planned to read until I found it at the used bookstore. Definitely one of the weirder books I've read. I also read Melissa Walker's new one, Unbreak My Heart, which was cute and heart-tugging.

Flat-Out Love just looks adorable and the summary, vague as it is, is definitely interesting enough to pique my interest. And I'm tossing around the idea of writing a story inspired by my favorite song; Trish Dollar mentioned Lit Riffs to me over Twitter and though short story collections are usually hit-and-miss with me, I want to give it a try. Last is This Is Not A Test, which I sort of have mixed feelings about reading. On the one hand it's Courtney Summers and I know how great her writing is. On the other hand I've only tried a couple of zombie books and none of them were ones I really ended up liking (I'm not even sure if I finished them). The subject matter definitely isn't one that appeals to me but I've heard enough people say even if you don't like zombie books that I'm willing to give it a try.

I remember reading and loving this book as a kid, so when I stumbled across it in a used bookstore, I decided I just had to buy and reread. So far it's just as charming as I remember. It's totally a comfort read.

This week I went though my YA bookcase and ended up getting rid of five stacks of books. If I had to guess I'd say it ended up being around 60 books that I cleared out. I tossed all the ARCs (and there were lots), my sister took a few books, and the rest I'm trying to either sell, trade, or donate. The sad thing is that since I had my books double-stacked in the bookcase, it looks like I didn't really get rid of any because they all came from the back. This also means getting rid of a few signed books (sadface) because, signed or not, I'm trying to clear out everything that I don't see myself ever reading again (or that I don't really, really like). This means I even got rid of a Sarah Dessen novel. 


  1. I have heard amazing things about Rewind ;). I also have to get rid of some of my books but it's so sad

  2. I've had to do this with my books a lot (get rid of them) as I get ready to move across the country. The worst part was getting rid/donating books I hadn't even read yet. But unless I was unbearably excited about them it wasn't worth shipping. I'll probably have to do it again when I get set up in my new place, but I would like to sell some if I can.

    I finished This Is Not A Test yesterday and I agree, the zombies are kinda irrelevant. In a way that annoyed me, in my review I said that I basically felt like with a few moments aside it could have just been a war/bombing or whatever, it didn't really *have* to be zombies. But there is a strong story besides the zombies so it's worth giving a try for sure since you love her writing so much.

  3. (p.s. there's a typo in the title of this post. :) )