Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Ten: Books I Want to Reread

1. Before I Fall
Lauren Oliver
It hasn't been long since I read this the first time but it's the sort of book I wish I were always reading because it's just that good, that amazing, that breathtaking. I think it needs to be a yearly reread.

2. Imaginary Girls
Nova Ren Suma
Another amazing book and one that delves so deeply into sister relationships. Though Ruby had a creepy hold on her younger sister and there's a lot of fantastical-ness, there's also a lot of emotions and dynamics between the sisters that ring incredibly true.

3. I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
Erin McCahan
At this point Bronwen is like an old friend and I miss her. I want to jump into her story, her journey, all over again.

4. serafina67
Susie Day
Like with Before I Fall, this is a book I wish I could always be reading. It's one of the few books (maybe the ONLY book) that I will sometimes pull from the shelf just to open to a random page and start reading. It's my go-to book and I really wish I could read this for the first time again. I love it so much.

5. Mockingjay
Susanne Collins
I guess if you're going to read Mockingjay over, you should probably read the first two as well. But as much as I love the trilogy as a whole and the first two books in the series, this is the one that really really really captured me. It's just amazing, pretty much perfect as a story in its own right as well as the ending to the Hunger Games series.

6. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks
E. Lockhart
I don't even have to explain this one, do I?

7. Bloomability
Sharon Creech
One of my favorite books ever, I always have the fear that reading this again won't be the same as it was when I was younger. Honestly I think that's a huge part of the reason that, while I've been wanting to read it for months, I haven't yet. Sad, right?

8. How I Live Now
Meg Rosoff
This book both fascinated and freaked me out. It's definitely one of my favorites and I want to reread it to see if I have the same sorts of reactions that I had the first time around.

9. The Great Good Thing
Roderick Townley
Everyone who hasn't read this incredible book, GO DO IT NOW. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!

10. Leverage
Joshua C. Cohen
This book is so disturbing. And while part of me (a large part) wants to read it over again, another part of me is afraid to. I had such a visceral reaction the first time around (curled up, wincing, reading through squinted eyes the way you'd watch a scary movie). But KURT BRODSKY IS AMAZING. And just for him alone, if nothing else, I want to reread it.


  1. YES! Before I Fall totally made my list too. Such a beautiful book!

  2. I LOVED Bloomability when I was in middle school! Totally forgot about that book!

  3. I'm going to have to check these out! Thanks for the info!

  4. I haven't read The Great Good Thing, but judging by the cover it looks like my kind of book.

    Also, Before I Fall is absolutely one of those books one could read over and over and over.

  5. Jessica Lawlor
    I'll have to check out your list!!

    Yes! I happened to find it at a thrift store one year a long time after middle school and was ECSTATIC.

    Holly L'Oiseau

    You should read it! It's an amazing and insanely interesting book. Sort of a sci-fi fairytale.

  6. It's not on my list, but I'd love to read How I Live Now again. It was so good the first time, I bet it would be great the 2nd time around, too.

  7. I really want to read Frankie Landau Banks for the first time. I know what you are saying about not wanting to reread books that were awesome as a child because they might not be the same. I share that fear.

    Come visit my list at The Scarlet Letter.