Saturday, September 3, 2011

40 Day Book Challenge - Book I Want to Live In (02)

Day 02 - A book I want to live in
The first (and best) book that comes to mind for this one is Sharon Creech's Bloomability, which takes place at an international boarding school in Switzerland. I love Dinnie and her international friends, especially Guthrie, and if given the chance I'd become 12 years old again and live in this book in an instant. It's without a doubt one of the best stories and settings of any book. Ahhh, go read it.


  1. interesting that if given the wish to live in any book world out there you would choose this one. I don't think I'd want to ever be twelve years old again. That just wasn't a good age for me.

  2. in a book? Interesting question. What book would I like to live within? I think I'd like to live in Amy and Roger's Epic Detour so I could go on a road trip and take a bunch of detours enroute.

    My Head is Full of Books

  3. Michael Offutt
    I don't remember being 12 (what a weird thing to say...) but if I could live in the world of Bloomability I'd be pre-teen again without question. It's not about the age; it's about the book.

    Anne Bennett
    I haven't read that one! Is it better than other road trip YAs? (An Abundance of Katherines or How to be Bad)