Friday, September 2, 2011

40 Day Book Challenge - Favorite Book (01)

I found this 40 Day Book Challenge over at The Book Whisperer and decided to (slowly) make my way through it amidst my regular posts and reviews. Join me!? If you want to. (Click over to The Book Whisperer's site to see the full list of days.)

Day 01 - A favorite book of 2011 (so far)
Yeah, way to start out with a difficult topic. I've read so many great books this year, and choosing my favorite is all but impossible. Excluding nonfiction (I don't read a lot of nonfic, but what I do read is amazing), there are three novels that have totally absolutely 100% blown me away this year. I'm going with Gayle Forman's Where She Went for this one just because I was in such a bad mood when I read it and somehow it turned everything completely around. It's such a powerful and beautiful book and Forman is an incredible writer. I love the characters and I love especially the setting of the book -- New York City, and the whole thing takes place over the course of a day and night.


  1. I really loved this book too, and this 40 day book challenge sounds really awesome :)

  2. Um, yes.

    I want to do this. I don't know how I'm going to fit these posts in, but I WANT TO DO THIS.

    I liked Where She Went, but I didn't love it the way I feel 99% of readers did. What is wrong with me?

  3. Audrey
    Thanks! Let me know if you end up doing it... I'd love to read your posts.

    Clementine Bojangles
    No, I've heard others who haven't liked it as much or have liked If I Stay more. It happens... different books for different people.

    You should TOTALLY do the 40 Day Challenge. Fit the days in wherever you can, like I'm doing.

  4. oh this book, so good!

    I may have to join in with this I love listst :)

  5. Hurray, you're joining in!

    I haven't read this book but I do have a copy of her other book and have heard good things. I must check this one out :)