Tuesday, September 6, 2011

40 Day Book Challenge - Favorite Character (03)

Day 03 - A book with a favorite character
I have so many favorite characters, but for some reason Kurt Brodsky is the first that comes to mind. Kurt Brodsky is hardcore awesome. I always think that the guys in Leverage encapsulate the best and worst of humanity, and Kurt Brodsky is definitely on the "best of humanity" side of things. I absolutely love him and I think if more people were like Kurt Brodsky probably (definitely) the world would be a better place.


  1. I think I've read 10 bajillion posts about Leverage on your blog. It's on my Christmas wish list now.

  2. thatcovergirl
    YAAAY I'm so glad! 10 bajillion+ is a good number of Leverage posts, I think. But I am warning you: THIS BOOK IS BRUTAL.