Sunday, June 12, 2011

In My Mailbox - Audiobook!

For Review: I've never really been a fan of audiobooks -- I think that there's a lot lost when you take away the visual aspect of reading. That said, Blood Red Road sounds really interesting and I'm definitely going to give it a try. If I like the story but still can't stand the audiobook part of it, I might just have to get a hard copy of the actual book. This is such a crazy book to get because I've never received an audiobook before... and, in fact, I've never listened to an entire audiobook either, unless The Composer is Dead counts.

Questions for you! What's your opinion on audiobooks? Should I give them a real try or not? Also, for those who have read Blood Red Road, is this book one that can work as a stand-alone?


  1. Trying out audiobooks is one of my goals for the year, so I definitely say "Go for it!" Admittedly, I have only done ONE so far... :)

  2. This seems like a great reads! Thanks for sharing. I'd love if you'd check out my IMM too :)

    Btw, I'm loving the blog. I'm not sure if we're fellow followers, but I follow you!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,
    Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads

  3. You know I never thought I liked audio books until I started listening and now I love them. Although it does depend on the book ~ Sarah Dessen's books are great on audio, and if you like 30 Rock, Tina Fey's BoosyPants will make you an instant fan of audio :)

  4. oh wow .. I can never sink into an audiobook myself though

    here's mine

    p/s. I'm a new follower

  5. I have just recieved "Blood Red Road" and it is firmly in my to be read pile so i look forward to reading it as i hope you do to,
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this book,
    I have a YA book blog which i would love you to check out when you get the chance.