Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 on the Blog

This month was so exciting!!!

For one thing I came back to the blog after over a month away.

I reviewed:
The Running Dream
Purple Daze
Sean Griswold's Head
Strings Attached
The Real Real
Human .4
Like Mandarin
Between Shades of Gray (with a giveaway that ends Apr. 2nd)
and and and

I listed books I didn't expect to like, some of the best romance in YA, and authors that I wish everyone knew of. I talked about YA book covers and how post-high school is portrayed in the genre.

Also also also I talked about teenagedom and YA novels, which is a post I extra-special love so GO CLICKY!!

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  1. Great reading in March! I liked Running Dream a lot and am so looking forward to reading Sean Griswold, Human.4, and Between Shades of Gray. I hope April is just as good for you!