Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cover Mini-Trend

I don't typically do cover posts, but in looking at my recent reads I'm noticing a little mini-trend.

The back-of-the-head aspect makes perfect sense for Sean Griswold's Head, but I'm a little surprised to see it on the other covers as well. I typically don't pay a huge amount to cover trends; what I mostly notice is when a cover is particularly striking. However, these covers... I like them. I love being able to imagine what a character looks like and faces on covers can sometimes be distracting or confusing in this case, but the backwards-shot is a nice alternative to covers without people on them or the infamous Headless Girl covers that, thankfully, seem to be becoming more and more rare lately.

What do you think of these covers? As I said, I like them, and Purple Daze is particularly striking in real life. Plus, I love the chalkboard and pie chart of Sean Griswold's Head and the dress/truck (at least, I think it's a truck) combo of Taking Off.


  1. I like it too, because I like to imagine the protag's face the way I want to.

  2. I've never liked it when there is someone's face already on the cover because it doesn't let you imagine what they would look like. D: At least with their back you still get that opportunity.