Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello Again!

 I gave up this blog over a month ago. I blogged a bit over at & Story, including a couple of "book love" posts that I just had to write about books that are absolutely brilliant and you must read. But really, I didn't blog much and what I did write was second-, third-, and fourth-guessed before I ever posted it.

The truth is that I miss book blogging, including writing reviews and discussing things in the genre of YA. There are so many great books out there, so many that don't get the recognition they deserve, so many that I read and just want to share with others. There are books I love and books I don't love and books that I think other people would love. THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS OMG I JUST WANT TO HUG THEM ALL.

I am aware that what I say has consequences, that some people see a big conflict of interest in both writing and reviewing, that I might be hurting myself or insulting others by continuing. This is why I stopped in the first place. But also, I do miss it and I do love it. I'm passionate about books - not just writing them, also talking about them. I like sharing my thoughts. This is something that I enjoy and while it's not the be-all, end-all of my life, it is something that brings me happiness. I've been worried about what if somebody doesn't like me because of my reviews? when the truth is that that might happen. There are plenty of reasons for someone not to like me. We all have someone who just rubs us the wrong way and really, what can you do?

(I know, I know, go on your merry way and keep your head down and keep your thoughts to yourself, duh.)

Really though, I miss the blog. I miss reviewing. I miss talking books. As so many others have pointed out, writing reviews and saying anything negative online is a calculated risk. I've said before that I don't think this blog will stop me from getting published, though I supposed it could stop me from signing with a specific agent or getting a certain author to blurb my books. There's a lot of ifs though, and when it comes down to it reviewing is something I really enjoy. I would choose my writing over it, but for right now... maybe I don't have to. I do have a tendency to over think things, overanalyze, be anxious when I shouldn't.

For now I'm kind of taking it day by day, but I have a few reviews written and scheduled, I have followers/readers that hopefully haven't jumped ship, and... I'm back.


  1. I'm so glad!

    I can completely understand the conflict of interest for aspiring authors, but honestly, there are a lot of factors that go along with getting published and I don't think anything you say here will be one of them. You're an excellent reviewer, and I've never seen anything remotely risque here.


  3. Welcome back!

    I know that it must have been a hard-weighed decision, both to give it up and come back - but I know I am glad you have.

  4. I think the way I look at it is that if someone is really that... well, petty... I probably wouldn't want them to blurb my book or be my agent, honestly.

    See, I've had a beta reader not like my book. They *hated* it. I could have decided to hate them, to block them from twitter and stop following their blog... but I didn't. I whined to my best friend, privately, and then I sucked it up, because not everyone is going to like what you write and you just have to get used to it.

    But, I guess that's just my opinion.

  5. Glad you're back!
    I was so bummed when you "left" (that might not be the right word, but you know what I mean). It would totally suck not to be able to do what you love to do just because of something that *might* happen.
    I mean, what if someone said, "Oh yeah! I loved that review you wrote about my client's book! Your voice is just what we're looking for!" (it's just as likely that someone could love what you have to say, as not love it)
    Glad you're back! Besides, if you don't use your real, full name, and you don't mention to them that you have a blog, how in the world would they know?
    I certainly don't use my "real" name! LOL!

  6. YAY. Welcome back! I already know there are a few authors who probably wouldn't blurb me if I wrote and tried to publish a book- I gave their books 1 star because they just weren't for me. But there are hundreds of others out there, and plenty of them are ones I have raved about and those are the ones I really respect and would love to have read my work anyway. That'sh ow I think about it at least :)

  7. WELCOME BACK! Your posts are always thoughtful, so I'm glad we'll get to read them again :)

  8. Welcome back Jordyn... look forward to reading here!