Monday, January 24, 2011

What I Write

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I write contemporary/realistic YA fiction.

Under that umbrella, I write books about girls and and family and secrets and sadness and happiness and love and hope and home and drinking coffee and riding in cars and standing on the outside of a party. I write about things falling apart and things clicking into place. I probably use the word "and" more than I should.

I try to write about spies.

Someday hopefully I'll write about robots. Spaceships.

Mostly I write about small places instead of big ones and I don't know if this is because I know small places better or I'm more comfortable with them of if I just like writing about them. Maybe all three.

And as much as I write about family (which is always a lot), my stories aren't about family, but about one particular relationship in a family. Sisters, cousins, siblings. Writing about an extended family as a whole would be complicated and messy and as much as I'd love to do it I'd want the family to be insanely messy and interesting and complicated and quite possibly crazy. But I can't ever come up with a family that beats my own real-life family in all of those categories and I probably won't ever be able to.

The secrets I write about aren't earth-shattering, but, as with most of my writing, a bit quieter. They're those secrets my characters are keeping from each other or from themselves, the ones that are buried deep not because they'd cause trouble but because they'd hurt the people these characters love and want to protect.

My stories are often sad, but they always end hopeful if not altogether happy.

If you're a writer of some sort -- what do you write? And as a reader, what sort of stories do you enjoy reading?


  1. Hey, thanks for answering my question! I wish you luck as you delve into your new writing books and continue to work on that... I especially wish you luck with the spies, robots and spaceships ;-)

  2. I'm not a writer. I don't have the imagination so instead I'm an avid reader. I read mostly young adult fiction (contemporary and paranormal) and adult fiction. I don't really have specific areas (in these two genres) I gravitate towards instead it's more about the writing for me and how engaging each novel is.

  3. all the stuff you mentioned in the second paragraph is legit what i just LOVE to read about. so yeah. you should get published because i want another good book :)

    i also like what you mentioned about the secrets and it affecting the dynamics of relationships rather than the whole story itself :)

  4. I love to write...when the mood hits me. So it happens in spirts, meaning not much actually gets done. I do have a couple full drafts, but I've found it's a lot easier for me to write the first crappy draft then it is for me to edit it into something readable.

    I love YA, so that's what I write. And though all of my stories are contemporary and take place in normal neighborhoods, there is always some tiny bit of supernatural involved. Magic realism, I guess.

    Your stories sound interesting. As much as I love supernatural, I also like contemporary realistic. And ones with secrets are even better.