Friday, January 21, 2011

A Blog Week About Blogging

ETA: I've gotten some super-great suggestions for Stories & Screens week (keep them coming!) and hate to rely solely on my own blogging experience when writing these posts. I'd like to also know your experiences and opinions, so if you're a fellow blogger I'd love if you'd take the time to answer some questions.

When my ALA/bloggers post got such a good response I started to think that there are probably other issues and topics related to book blogging that might benefit from being brought to light and talked about. Because of this and the fact that I just love doing discussion posts (seriously.) I've decided to do a theme week dedicated to the issues, topics, and questions surrounding book blogging (and YA book blogging in particular).

In order for this to be a success I need your input. I want to know what topics you'd like to talk about and see addressed. What questions do you have about book blogging? Do you want to see posts about BEA, ARCs, follower counts, reviews, blogger-author relationships, ethics or etiquette of book blogging? Let me know.

Let me know also if you'd like to offer a guest post on a particular subject. I'm not sure how many guest posts I'll be able to have in a week, but we can always work something out even if it doesn't happen during the theme week.

So fill out the form, yes? Please?