Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Writing: Goal Adjustments

Project: sidekicks
Status: second draft (major revision)

I've been slowly but steadily getting back into the habit of working on sidekicks. These last two weeks, between working, getting an agent, and going to ALA, have really thrown off the old writing schedule. As these things do. So the draft I wanted to have finished, like, a week ago, is still not there yet. I'm 50k words into a draft that I hope will be closer to 75k (of course, we'll see how that goes... I always have such lofty word count goals that I fail at).

So today I want to talk about adjusting goals. Because sometimes life gets more hectic than we were expecting or circumstances change or suddenly you hit a brick wall in the novel that had been going so fantastically. And what then? Fellow writers, what do you do? Since I tend to give myself deadlines on things (like, I wanted this draft finished by June 22nd), when it becomes super-glaringly-obvious that there's no way I'm going to meet my deadline, I adjust. I give myself a new deadline. Right now that's not a perfect system because I will have to jump back into Sing Me Away soonish and that's also going to mess with sidekicks planning. But we'll see. Right now I'm really loving just getting back into it the small amount that I have been.

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