Friday, July 27, 2012

Wanting: Books Uncovered

Right now my Goodreads "wanting" shelf has exactly 75 books on it. Some of these have been out for a while, some are recent releases, and some are upcoming. Some are so far in the future they don't even have covers yet, and right now those are the ones I'm going to focus on. So, here are five books I'm looking forward to that don't even have covers yet -- and the reasons I'm so eagerly waiting on them.

1. The Moon and More, by Sarah Dessen
I can depend on Sarah Dessen for emotional, well-written contemporary YA and for that reason she's pretty much a Must Buy author for me. This one (according to the GR description) features a summer romance with an aspiring filmmaker (why have I not read anything like this before?). And it's Sarah Dessen -- have I mentioned this yet? So you just know it's going to be good.
pub date: may 2013

2 & 3. Just One Day and Just One Year, by Gayle Forman
Love! Travel! Gayle Forman! I am so, so excited. Considering how much I loved If I Stay and then Where She Went, hopes are high, but I have no doubt that Gayle Forman is able to pull it off. I got to hear Forman talk a little about these upcoming books at an event for Where She Went and it made me even more excited for their publication.
pub dates: january 2013 & 2014

4. Isla and the Happily Ever After, by Stephanie Perkins
Do I really need to explain this one even? It's the last companion novel to ANNA and LOLA and with how well Stephanie Perkins writes teen love & emotions I just can't wait for what this story will hold. Also, though I originally wasn't to keen on the covers of Perkins' books, they've since grown on me and now I love them and cannot wait to see what the cover of this one will be.
pub date: 2013


  1. I'm SO freaking excited for Sarah's new book! I mean, it's Sarah Dessen, so of course anything by her is going to be awesome, but the summer romance with a film maker just makes it 100 times more awesome. ;)

    I still have yet to read any Gayle Forman or Stephanie Perkins though ): I have a feeling I'm missing

  2. love you Jordyn and these books all sound awesome but... there are four not five ;)

    especially excited for Perkins!

    1. oh, goodness. Sometimes I make the most obvious fails. So yeah... four books, not five. Argh!

      cannot WAIT for perkins.