Saturday, June 9, 2012

All The Books: June 9, 2012

This has been a  s l o w  reading week; the only book I managed to finish was Beth Kephart's Small Damages. It's the first Kephart book I've read and the writing here was wonderfully lyrical. I quite liked it.

I wasn't at BEA or the BEA Book Blogger Con, but I did keep up with many of the blogger con tweets and later read this write-up of the event. From my point of view as a blogger, the event seemed like it was probably pretty disappointing.

The bloggers at The Readventurer have made one of the most awesome flow charts ever for Stacked, full of YA book recommendations. In case you're wondering, it suggests I read the Jessica Darling series. (I've read the first book but abandoned the series somewhere in the second novel.)

& A SONG...

I love Alan Jackson's new album, but this song is definitely my favorite from it. When I'm not listening to the playlist for my current work in progress, I'm listening to this on repeat. Loooove it.

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