Saturday, June 2, 2012

All The Books: June 2, 2012

I read Nothing Special, the (very worthy) sequel to last year's Stupid Fast and it was so good. I also read my first-ever Agatha Christie novel and am now wondering why I've never read her before, because And Then There Were None was just a masterfully-written whodunit mystery.

Behold! A picture (from Beth Revis' tumblr) that influenced the cover of A Million Suns. I can definitely see the similarity there.

Also, I love this idea: book/tv/other media recommendations based on how good the spines look together. Karen Kavett calls them visual playlists and I think I'm probably definitely going to be making some of my own.

And then there's book spine poetry, which is another idea I love. (Maybe when I do the visual playlists I'll include book spine poetry?)

& A SONG...

Ahhhhh, I love this song. I haven't heard the rest of John Mayer's new album (Born & Raised), but based on this song I might just have to. It's not a play-over-and-over song for me, but it is a powerful one.


  1. Love those bookish ideas (poetry and recommendations on how they look together)! I haven't read any Agatha Christie before, maybe I'll check one out. :)

    1. And Then There Were None is fantastic. It's quite possibly the first whodunit sort of mystery book I've read and I loved it. I think I'll be looking for more of Agatha Christie's works.