Sunday, November 13, 2011

In My Mailbox: Firsts!

Bought: Ahhh I feel like I've been waiting for this ebook (by a bunch of '09 Debs) to come out FOR-EVER. But now it's finally here!!! The only sad thing is that cover is WAY TOO PRETTY to be relegated to an ebook, right? That font! Love it. Can't wait to read.

I've also gotten a bunch of Cybils books this week, but I'm not including them as lately IMM has started doing double-duty as not only a record of my books, but also a list of things I can't wait to read after Cybils season. That said, I'm excited to read The Anti-Prom.


  1. Story of my life, with IMM being basically a list of things I can't wait to read until AFTER cybils season, haha (I'm on the first round of MG SFF).