Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Blogger Pet Peeve

For a while there I was reviewing every single title I read for the Cybils. It completely wore me out -- I've read over 20 books since Oct. 1st and as much as I want to I just can't put my usual amount of time, thought, and energy into writing the reviews as I normally do. At least, not if I also want to do everything else in life. You can tell from the weird lack of posts on my blog that it was wearing me out. I'm going to continue reviewing Cybils books, but it'll likely just be the ones that really speak to me or that I really want to share with you guys.

In non-Cybils, non-review news, I do have so many posts I want to write and lately I just haven't found the energy to write them. So, my apologies. Today I really do have a post to write though! I've had a few slightly strange review pitches come to me in the past few weeks and I kind of want to comment on them because this particular thing is starting to be a Blogger Pet Peeve of mine.

Please please please don't say you're a fan of my blog if you're not. Authors and publicists, when you email saying that you love my blog I think it's awesome. When you go on to pitch your fantasy epic/paranormal romance trilogy/historical memoir, I can't help but think you're lying to me just a little bit. Maybe you're not lying, maybe you do read my blog but just haven't checked my review guidelines.

In any case, let me say: if you're pitching your book to me please read my guidelines. I don't read paranormal. I don't read fantasy. This is a blog of YA (and sometimes MG), which means that I'm not going to review mainstream (adult) fiction, memoirs, or nonfiction aimed at adult readers. It's just because I've chosen to give this blog a narrow focus that works well for me and -- I hope -- my readers.


  1. I don't have this problem. Sometimes I wished I did, but I can see how annoying it would be. I hate when people flatter just to get something.

  2. Like Jenny, I don't have this problem. But hey, I AM A FAN OF YOUR BLOG, and I'm not lying, either. ;)

    Oh hey, I just saw you commented on TCG! What are the chances! (Also, that's freaky.)

  3. Jenny
    I think it's done in a good, if misguided, spirit. Authors/publicists have been told to personalize their email pitches to bloggers and they are, it's just that it makes me cringe to have to tell someone who says they're a reader/fan of the blog that "sorry, i don't review your genre."

    I assume the freaky is in response to my "dead face" comment? lol. yes.