Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Stuff I Don't Read

I'd just like to reiterate - for publishers, publicists, authors, and anyone else who might be interested - that I do have a review policy posted on this site. Read it if you want, but lately the most important bit of information for you to know is that I DO NOT READ FANTASY OR PARANORMAL. There are very few exceptions to this rule (TWILIGHT and THE PRINCESS BRIDE are the only ones I can think of) and as much as I love reviewing YA books (which is a lot) and occasionally having the chance to read certain books that maybe aren't out yet or that I wouldn't have picked up otherwise, I am not going to review your fantasy/paranormal book. Both because I don't want to and because I would be the worst possible reviewer for it. I know next to nothing about the genre, the vast majority of the books either bore me or confuse me. So it's nothing personal and this doesn't apply to science fiction or dystopian, both of which are genres I'm trying to explore more lately.

The only reason I mention it now is because most of the emails I get from authors or publicists, and also quite a few of the books I receive for review fall into this category, and I hate to have you waste your time when I know there are so many other bloggers/reviewers who absolutely adore fantasy and paranormal.

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  1. Well, shoot. I was going to buy you Hush, Hush, Fallen, and Beautiful Creatures for Christmas.

    Jokes, aside, I've been wanting to get into sci-fi. I'm going to be starting with Ender's Game (hopefully! It's on my Christmas wishlist) this year.