Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five: Books, Music, and Starbucks

  1. The theme of this week has been, "Where is my ipod cord? I used it just yesterday; where did it goooo? It is GONE GONE GONE WHEREVER COULD IT BEEEEE???" Right now my ipod is on red and I don't know where the cord is. Plus, I had another cord, one that actually wasn't all frayed and broken, but my dad stole it and now it's GONE FOREVER because he lost it. So yeah. Current crisis.
  2. Also if you haven't seen this video yet, there is something wrong with your internet habits. IT IS SO CUTE AND SO FUNNY AND SO GREAT.
  3. Dude, Urkel (or whoever played Urkel - does he actually have a real name? I mean, he must) is guest starring on the episode of Psych I'm watching right now. Also one of the guys from Keenan & Kel. Just thought you should know that. Also: what's up with this Abigail chick? She's okay and all but NO NO DO NOT WANT. 
  4. Know what I like? I like those Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates from Starbucks that they have during the fall. WHY DO THEY ONLY HAVE IT DURING THE FALL? To torture me, personally?
  5. Speak Now, by Taylor Swift. I have possibly listened to this song like A MILLION BAZILLION times in the last couple of days. Obsessed.

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