Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Five: The Website Edition!

  1. T.H. Mafi's brilliant, insightful, hilarious and breathtaking blog. In all honesty, Tahereh is my absolute favorite blogger and one of my favorite tweeps. She's unfailingly kind, adorably sweet, and just as zany and spazzy as I am, which is a quota few people fill. SHE IS ALL KINDS OF WONDERFUL. Plus, she runs QUERYPOLITAN, which gives her FIVE THOUSAND BONUS POINTS.
  2. Dinosaur Comics is the one webcomic I read every single day. It's super-funny and if I had the time I could spend hours just hitting the refresh button. T-rex is one of a kind and I do love him so. 
  3. Hulu. Because, obviously I love television. Watch Parenthood. Watch Community. Watch 30 Rock and The Office and oh my goodness, don't judge me for watching so many shows.
  4. The YA & Children's page of TV Tropes. As a whole and with some minor exceptions, TV Tropes is an absolutely awesome website full of internet-y and fiction-y goodness, but the YA page is especially awesome for us YA fans. EVERYONE SHOULD GO AND ADD MORE BOOKS TO IT PLEASE BECAUSE YES.
  5. Hyperbole and a Half, but come on, internet, don't even try to pretend you don't read this. It's too hilarious to not.

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