Sunday, October 10, 2010

In My Mailbox: Science Fiction, the South, and... Violence?

There was no IMM last week because there were no new books to talk about, BUT THIS IS THIS WEEK AND THIS WEEK THERE ARE BOOKS OHHH YES. But first let's all take a second to realize that today is 10/10/10, which is pretty awesome just because IT IS.

From Publishers: An ARC of VIOLENCE 101, by Denis Wright, sent to me by Penguin. It seems quite a bit darker than my typical read, but it also looks terribly interesting, so that's good.

Borrowing: I'm trying to read more science fiction, so my friend gave me these to borrow. The novel looks kind of intense and intimidating (but I haven't started it, so I really can't say) and I'm super-excited about the book of short stories, because there has to be SOMETHING in there I'll really like.

Gift! Of course I've saved the best for last. My mom bought this one for me and I cannot wait until I have time to tackle this epic. BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH BEST BOOK EVERRRR WIN WIN WIN WIN.


  1. Gone With The Wind reads really fast. I finished it in less than a week when I was in 11th grade. I didn't expect to get as into it as I did.
    My IMM