Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Writing: Deadline

Project: sidekicks
Wordcount: 42,000

Deadline Attack!
Okay, it's a little funny that I'm talking about deadlines on a day that I'm late with my Monday Writing post. But okay, whatever. I don't usually start projects with a deadline in mind, but somewhere in the murky middle I always feel like I should give myself a deadline. I worry that otherwise it would be too easy to get discouraged, give up on the project, muddle around for a while, and finish it months and months later. With that in mind, my self-imposed deadline for the first draft of sidekicks is the end of this month. April 30. 

I know this is a super short writing post, but my question for you fellow writers is: do you set deadlines for yourself? It's different, I know, when you have actual DEADLINE deadlines, but for those of us who don't (yet), does it help to have a self-imposed deadline?

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  1. I set deadlines for myself after wandering around aimlessly and unproductively for several months -- so I think I've covered both ends of this post.

    This summer I've given my critique group permission to harass me if I don't send them pages every week. So it's a self-imposed deadline but I have other people enforcing it for me. Granted, we all deadline-swapped, I suppose you could say. I'll be harassing them, too, if their deadlines aren't met.