Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Books I Want to See on TV

I haven't been doing a whole lot of reading lately. Not quite sure why. But what I have been doing is watching television and being so happy that my shows are coming back from the winter hiatus. And though I don't actually watch Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, or The Lying Game, I absolutely love the idea of tv shows based on YA books. I like this even better than movies based on YA books! Because I like tv more than movies!


1. Hooked
Catherine Greenman
The fact that this book covers years of Thea's life and has plenty of family drama makes me think that it could be an awesome hour-long drama. It's the kind of show the WB used to make (remember the WB? Remember Gilmore Girls?) and now I feel like it might fit in ABC or ABCFamily. 

2. Wither (Chemical Garden series)
Lauren DeStefano
Alright, granted only the first book in the series is out now (also, I'm envious of anyone who's already read Fever), but this is looking to be a great trilogy - and a great basis for a tv show. Futuristic sci-fi and drama centered around the sister wives of Linden Ashby? With luck this series would also give us the backstory on Rose. I'm not sure if this show would fit better on the CW or the old SciFi channel (you know, the good old days before it was SyFy), but just thinking about Wither as a television series is awesome.

3. The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer series)
Jenny Han
Another trilogy that - thanks to its years-long arc, awesome characters, and incredible love triangle - would make a great drama. (Or, with some tweaking, a hilarious sitcom!) I really don't know where this show would fit, but I really love the idea of this series on the small screen.

4. Exclusively Chloe
J.A. Yang
Honestly not only would this make an awesome television show, but it would fit in perfectly with ABCFamily's current crop of hidden-identity shows (The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars, Jane By Design ??) and teen family dramas (Switched at Birth). It's definitely been a while since I've read this book but it's stuck with me and it's so cute that I'm sure it would make an awesome feel-good show. 

5. Luxe (Luxe series)
Anna Godberson
Dear CW (because, obviously), if you do make Luxe into a show, I beg you to change the ending. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. I can only live through the end of this series in one form of art/entertainment. Seriously. Other than that though! I think this would make a really addicting and beautiful and so awesome series. Four seasons and you just stick to the books with that one little exception of the ending.

What books would you love to see as tv shows?


  1. What a great idea! I'd still love to see McCafferty's Jessica Darling series get developed as a movie, but I'd take it as a TV show, too.

    1. I could never really get into those books, but they probably would make a good movie... from what I read of the 1st and 2nd books at least.

  2. Oooo! Fun post idea, I may have to steal it. I like the idea of the Summer series being made into a TV show.

    1. Wouldn't it be most excellent? That would be a tearjerker of a show.

  3. Such a fun post! I loved the Luxe series and the Summer series and it would be very cool to see them brought to life on screen. BUT! I would be scared that it might ruined in translation! (If they picked the wrong actors, changed it too much, etc.)

    1. True! But I think there's so much in the Summer and Luxe books that they could do it without drastically changing things. Of course probably in the real world of television that would never happen, but in my mind it does!

  4. Oh, I've been meaning to read the summer series! It looks good.

    I have to disagree with you on the Luxe series ending, though. I thought it was perfect.