Sunday, December 25, 2011

Five: Favorite YA-ish Blogs of 2011

Quite a bit has changed in the blogging world (and my blog-reading habits) since I made last year's list of five amazing YA bloggers. My picks are a bit different this time around... here are my top five great YA blogs/bloggers of this year.

1. Forever Young Adult (various bloggers)
This is a YA blog aimed at those of us who are, shall we say, reading below our grade level. The adults who love YA. It's funny and smart and snarky and covers not only books but also tv shows (mostly not ones I watch, but whatever) and movies. Their reviews are among my favorite reviews to read, whether or not I agree and whether or not I've even read the book. It's entertainment all on its own.

2. that cover girl (Capillya)
Here's a blog that focuses on the shiny outsides of a book. Yep, a blog devoted almost entirely to YA book covers. It has interviews with designers and authors, analysis of book covers, and plenty and plenty of pretty pictures. If you're someone who pays as much attention to book covers as I do (um, a lot!), this is definitely a blog worth checking out.

3. Early Nerd Special (Clementine Bojangles)
This is one that isn't entirely YA but more of a mix of everything: television shows, movies, music, books of all sorts. Her reviews are in-depth and interesting and, of course, I love blogs with a television-as-well-as-books focus.

4. hitting on girls in bookstores (Adam)
I just recently started reading this blog but OMG. It's awesome. Again, not strictly YA but at least mostly. The reviews are a bit non-traditional and often bullet-pointed, which I really really like. (I love lists. Can you tell?) Very funny. Very good.

5. incrush (Nomes)
This Aussie-located blog is just... ahhh, just so good. I don't even have that much to say about it except that it's awesome and one of my favorite blogs to read. Also? Check it out because the layout/theme is so goshdarn pretty.


  1. Thank you! I have to go off of YA every once and a while. Sometimes I just want a bad ending.

  2. Ahh! Thank you so much for including me in your list!

    Your blog is one of the first ones I check each morning. So glad to see you blogging regularly again after the Cybils-pandemonium.

  3. So I just spent the last hour reading That Cover Girl... my friend will thank me when I still don't have her recommendation written because I was reading a REALLY AWESOME BLOG.