Monday, October 24, 2011

Writing: New.

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Sometime last week (you may know this if you stalk follow me on Twitter) I finished that rewrite I was working on. And all along I'd been thinking that I knew exactly what I'd be writing when I was done.

But then I finished.

And I realized that idea I had, the one I'd been holding up so loftily in my head, didn't exactly have what it needed. It was only part of an idea. A baby idea. I had this vague feeling that I wanted the book to sort of, kind of, be based around this, but I couldn't figure out the rest of it. I mean, I couldn't even figure out if there were three main characters or just one. I thought about going back and revising one of the gazillion (2... maybe 3) novels I have to revise, but I've been wanting to write a first draft for so long.

But when an idea doesn't want to work I kill it by forcing it. This is part of the reason NaNoWriMo never works for me and pretty much the whole reason that novel about the stalker is still just sitting there. (It's not nearly as dark as it sounds, promise.)


All of this is to say that I've landed on a different idea, one that has been working as a side project for a while. Of course, bringing it to the forefront means erasing everything I'd written as a side project because everything's changed now, but that's okay. I think this one might work out. Not to jinx it or anything, but right now it really does feel solid.

This in spite of the fact that there are five main characters. And it's in past tense. Third person. And there are elements that, though I don't mean for them to be, are sort of dragged from a previous novel. But these elements are small, things like the fact that my characters sit on rooftops and live in the same neighborhood. Not, I hope, huge things.

I'm excited about this story. I'm excited about these characters. The working title is sidekicks and I cannot stop thinking about how great it all is in my head. IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THIS CRASHES AND BURNS AND I REALIZE THAT IN WORDS IT IS NOT NEARLY AS GOOD AS IN FEELINGS. But that comes later.

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