Saturday, October 15, 2011

Writing: HELLO, END

I'm coming up on the end of the novel I'm currently revising. And by "coming up" I mean that I have about 6,000 words until I make my deadline. If I stay up all hours tonight, there's the possibility that I COULD FINISH IT. (Of course, if I sleep then that's ruined and still, hopefully, I'll finish it this weekend sometime.)

I hope I hope I hope.

And after this is finished -- the revision (which is really a rewrite, whatever, I don't know the difference) and polishing and everything else, I'm not sure what I'll be working on. There's a part of me that wants to get going on the next draft of my sister story, but then there's another part of me that really wants to write a FIRST DRAFT of something. Maybe, say, that idea that's been waiting ever-so-patiently? I DON'T KNOW.

Update: It is 3 am. I have finished. In a related news story, guess who's tired!!??

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