Saturday, December 29, 2012

five: most personally impacting books of 2012

Last year I didn't make this list, but back in 2010 I had a list of the five books that made a personal impact on me, and it's a list I decided to bring back for 2012. These are the books that hit me in a really specific, personal way -- that I could relate to or that spoke to me so loudly I couldn't ignore it.

Warning: mild spoilers below.

Geoff Herbach
This book takes on a fairly unusual subject matter for YA as the main character, Felton, struggles with issues of family and identity. The question here is something along the lines of who are we destined to become? And not because of how we were raised or the people we're around, but simply because of our genetics, the traits passed down to us that we have no control over. This has always been fascinating to me and even more so as I get older, as I consciously try to choose the sort of person I will be, regardless of the paths others in my family have taken. Felton reminded me a lot of myself in the first book, Stupid Fast, and he reminds me possibly even more of myself in this book.

Sharon Creech
It's hard (impossible?) to even explain what this book is about, but it's all kinds of amazing and is one of those books that's a complete masterpiece and so, so personal to me.

Liane Moriarty
This book, about a woman who loses ten years of her memory, made me think of how easy it is to get off track in your own life, to become someone you never imagined you'd be. It helped me really focus on who I am and who I want to be and how to become that person. It's beyond good.

Melina Marchetta
I don't want to give too much (or anything) away about this book, but I will just say that it hit me in much the same way that Sara Zarr's Sweethearts did. The relationships in this book are so close to home.

Siobhan Vivian
I feel like I'm cheating a little with this book because it's definitely not as personally impactful as the others on the list; instead it has a bigger, wider impact. This is a book that I think deserves to be on eighth grade required reading lists, the kind of book that speaks to every girl in some way.

What books impacted you this year?

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