Monday, December 24, 2012

five: books i can't wait for in 2013

I do miss blogging. I'd make a commitment to do it more often, but I'm not sure I could stick to it once I go back to work. But right now, while I have some time, I plan to do my series of yearly "five" posts for 2012, starting with the books I can't wait for in the coming year.

This is such a hard list to come up with; it seems like all of my favorite authors, and many of the series I read, have books coming out in the coming year and it's hard to narrow my list down to only five, but here goes my attempt.

Sarah Ockler
Pub date: May 2013
After how great Bittersweet was I'm all jazzed up for Ockler's next story, and this one, about sisters and broken hearts, sounds right exactly up my alley. Cannot. Wait. Plus, how great is that cover? (Especially the font -- love.)

Gayle Forman
Pub date: Jan 2013
Gayle Forman's writing is so beautiful, emotional, and honest that I can't wait for her next duo of books, the first of which is coming in less than a month. Sometimes her writing is so good I can't even stand it. The plot of this one sounds almost sickeningly romantic, but in a sad sort of way, if that makes sense. To say I'm looking forward to it would be an understatement.

Sarah Dessen
Pub date: June 2013
Sarah. Dessen. I honestly don't even know the summary of this one but who cares even

Beth Revis
Pub date: Jan 2013
I am so looking forward to the conclusion of the Godspeed trilogy, which started strong and then burst into UNBELIEVABLY GREAT territory with book two. I'm confident that the third book will end it well, because Revis is such a great and talented sci-fi writer and this is such a strong story. Can't wait.

Stephanie Perkins
Pub date: May 2013
Ahhh!!! If this is even half as great as Anna and the French Kiss I'm going to be ecstatic. 

So, what 2013 books are you looking forward to?

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