Thursday, December 27, 2012

five: favorite ya duos and couples

Just like I did last year, I'm listing my top ten YA couples and YA duos (friends, siblings, whatever). One thing YA never lacks is awesome relationships.


1. Amelia & Chris
Laura Buzo
I can't quite put these two in the "couples" category, but as a friendship-duo-slash-almost-sort-of-maybe-couple they're undoubtedly one of the best. And not just of this year: of ever. The six years between them makes everything awkward but it's handled so well and the relationship (friendship, love, whatever you want to call it) between the two of them is honest and true and wonderfully portrayed with all the angst, confusion, and heart ache involved in impossible loves. (See? I should have put them in the "couples" category, huh?)

2. Mandy & Dylan
Sara Zarr
Although their interaction in the book is limited and they're not the most expected duo, every moment between Mandy (the pregnant teen whose baby is being adopted by Jill's mom) and Dylan (Jill's boyfriend) are some of my favorite scenes in the book. These two have a uniquely refreshing relationship and I love their dynamic.

3. Day & Tess
Marie Lu
Pub date: Jan 2013
Though as a whole I was disappointed with Prodigy, I did love the undefined relationship between Day and Tess and their interactions were the best in the entire book. (Also, note that this book doesn't come out until next year -- I received an ARC at ALA.)

4. Naomi & Lizzie
Sharon Creech
This entire book is about the ways that people are connected, but the duo at the center of it -- orphans and friends Naomi and Lizzie -- is just so great. While they don't always love each other, these two girls share an undeniable connection and are the focus the rest of the book sits on.

5. Charlotte & Oliver
Terra Elan McVoy
Charlotte's friendship with Oliver, the leader of Sad Jackal (the band her friends are in) is one of the cooler parts of this book -- their friendship isn't without its problems, but it's a completely platonic sort of boy-girl friendship that I'd love to see more of in YA. 


1. Tiger Lily & Peter Pan
Jodi Lynn Anderson
The love between Tiger Lily and Peter Pan is absolutely wonderfully written and so, so painfully beautiful. I can't say too much because I don't want to ruin the book, but suffice to say this isn't your typical love story (as you might expect from the pairing).

2. Josie Brant & Peter Maxx
Ken Baker
Definitely one of the cutest teenage love stories I've ever read, and even though it sounds crazy to say, there's a very realistic awkwardness to these two characters as they navigate the choppy waters of "does she/he like me?" Honestly, this book gets a few things just right about crushes, and that's hard to find.

3. Elliot North & Malakai Wentworth
Diana Peterfreund
These two have the most classic, Austen-esque romance. Which, since the book itself is a take on Persuasion, makes perfect sense. AH, I love them.

4. Hudson & Josh
Sarah Ockler
The romance between Hudson and hockey-boy Josh is sweet, funny, and just the littlest bit awkward -- as are all the best contemporary YA romances. This book does it right.

5. Juliette & Adam
Tahereh Mafi
With Juliette and Adam there's a feeling like they're absolutely it. No other guy could be with Juliette and no other girl could be with Adam. Of course, there's the fear/suspicion that the rest of the Shatter Me series will ruin that, but for this book they are perfect.

What are some of your favorite duos and couples this year?

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