Friday, December 28, 2012

five: favorite non-ya reads of 2012

My list of favorite non-YA books is always a fun one to write, because though I read so much more YA than other genres, it's not unusual for a mainstream (read: grown up) novel or nonfiction work to completely blow me away. And this year there were definitely a few gems.

Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle
genre: nonfiction/memoir
This book is absolutely fascinating. I've never been a big cycling fan, but even for someone with next to no interest in the sport, this book was awesome. Part memoir, part expose, part in-depth look at the sport and the evolution of doping, it was eye-opening. Highly recommended.

Kathryn Stockett
genre: historical fiction
The movie of this book was so good that I resisted reading the book. It was the rare instance where I thought: the book probably doesn't live up to this. But oh boy was I ever wrong. My friend convinced me to read the book because of how much she loved it and I'm so grateful she talked me into it because this book is so great. The characters are awesome, the story itself is both serious and funny, and it's definitely a must-read.

Sharon Creech
genre: middle grade
I'm a huge Sharon Creech fan, so I'm not quite sure how I managed to not read this, her best work, her Newbery Winner, before this year. But no matter how old you are, you should read this book. There's a reason it won the Newbery, and that reason is that it is sweet, sad, poignant, and brilliantly crafted. It's amazing in every single way and I can't say enough good things about it.

Agatha Christie
genre: mystery
I've never considered myself a fan of mystery novels, and I'd never read Agatha Christie before, but daaaang, this book was so great. So suspenseful and plotted so incredibly well I almost can't believe it.

Liane Moriarty
genre: fiction
This is by far the best mainstream fiction book I've read in quite a while. Usually when I stay up late reading it's just because I'd rather read than sleep, but with this book I honestly couldn't put it down. Stayed up reading it until like four in the morning, then woke up at seven-thirty to finish it. So, so, so good. 

What were your favorite out-of-your-main-genre reads this year? 

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