Friday, July 6, 2012

Giveaway: Walk Two Moons (US ONLY)

I don't know how it happened that I never read Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, as a child. I read many of her other books but somehow completely bypassed the one that won the Newbery. However, I picked up a copy at ALA recently and sat down to read it, a little worried that, because it's not a book full of childhood nostalgia, I might not love it the way I love other Creech novels such as Bloomability or The Wanderer.

I shouldn't have worried. At all. Walk Two Moons completely, utterly blew me away. It's the kind of children's (MG?) book that everyone should read. Sharon Creech has a way of writing messy, realistic human beings with such love. She tackles profound truths about life and people, family and love, with such simplicity and leaves you feeling so very, very alive.

I finished this book at midnight, tears falling down my face, and so full of good feelings. Like love, understanding, forgiveness, and hope. I totally get it now. I totally get why this is the book that won the Newbery; it's beautiful and so hugely affecting in the best sort of way. Walk Two Moons is the type of book that reminds me things, even very difficult things, are possible. It's possible to go through hard things and come out okay. It's possible to make a mistake and not let it ruin you. It's possible to become a better person, the kind of person you really wish you were.

I know this is a lot for a story, but it's how it made me feel and it's such a huge reason that I love stories so much: they can affect you. They can change you. It's why I'm picky about what I read and crazy for the books I love; I want to be affected by stories, but I want to be affected in good ways and by good stories.

Today I found an older copy of Walk Two Moons at the used bookstore and I'd love to give it away here.

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