Monday, August 23, 2010

The Right Words: I've been there, too.

My quote-book is something of a journal. I write down the lines that I especially love and in reading through the book it's easy to see what was on my mind at certain points in my life. Though some of the quotes are humorous and some are beautiful, the majority of them form a picture of who I am and who I was at certain points in my life.

With this in mind I'm starting a new feature on this blog: The Right Words. I'll take a quote that I love and share it with you guys, along with some backstory or the reasons behind choosing it. This feature is a bit more personal, but will also show some really great books.

The first quote is from SEA, by Heidi R. Kling, and it's one of the most recent additions to my quote-book.

Spider had that easy way about him that people who have never had anything bad happen to them seem to possess.

It's horrible to say this, but sometimes, with some things, there's no way to understand what it feels like unless you've been there. I don't know what you've gone through and you don't know what I've gone through. Empathy and imagination goes a long way in rectifying this, but there are still certain events in life that can only be understood by people who have been through the same (or very similar) things. I know for a fact that there are some people in my life who I could never discuss certain things with because I'll get that blank stare and try as they might, they don't get it. By the same token, I have friends (one in particular) who I can say one little thing to and they know what I mean immediately. Because they've been there too.

~~I'd love for you to participate in this feature with me. If you do a The Right Words post, please leave a comment linking me to it so I can check out your blog!

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  1. This is a really nice idea! The only thing, im not sure how good I can be about remembering to write down what caught my fancy...however, will give it a go :)