Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodreads: Bookswap Finds

I recently started using Goodreads bookswap to get rid of a bunch of old/unwanted books I had (sorry, books!) and guess what I discovered?


& because I love you guys ever so much, I've made it my mission to find you the BEST YA and MG books listed. Because it's waaaayyyy cheaper than buying them (all you pay for is shipping). Books with stars next to them are the ones I really really really recommend that you need in your life right this second. The more stars, the higher I recommend them.

ALSO ALSO ALSO! The awesome T.H. Mafi is having a huge giveaway over on her blog. FREE BOOK MONEY!! Also, while you're there I suggest reading every single post she's ever written because they're all amazing.

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  1. What a concept!!! I just joined something called an Informal Book Club where you send out six letters to friends and in return they send out six letters (sort of like a chain letter) in the end you only send out one novel but in return you get 36. Right now I'm sure you're wondering how that makes sense, but it does and I'm waiting for my books now! If you're interested I can point in the right direction! Just send me an email!

    Great blog by the way, super fun, chill and who doesn't love to talk about books! I look forward to following you!