Tuesday, November 29, 2016

YA Things That Bother Me: A List

  • The "best friends" who are so obviously in love with each other but, like, everyone knows but them. Ha. Hahaha. Please.
  • Insta-love. Dear universe, this is as annoying in books as it is in real life. Probably if you're one of the people it's less annoying, but for every single onlooker it's the worst.
  • The best friends who've known each other THEIR WHOLE ENTIRE LIVES. They took baths together! Their mothers are best friends! (Please, let me know if you've known your BFF your entire life. Is this a real thing? That really happens?)
  • The best friends where one is an introverted bookworm and the other is the party girl who's prettier and more popular. 
Friends, what am I missing?

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